Saturday Links: Niger Referendum Edition

On Tuesday, Niger will hold a referendum on extending the mandate of President Mamadou Tandja. Here’s some web perspectives:

  • VOA: “Supporters of the president are campaigning for a big turn-out Tuesday as a vote of confidence in Mr. Tandja’s leadership. Prime Minister Seini Moumarou says he hopes that on August 4 there is not a single person who stays home and does not vote in the referendum.”
  • AFP: “Pressure had been piling up on Tandja — both at home and from abroad — to abandon the referendum plan amid fears that the vast country, which has enjoyed rare stability over the past decade, could plunge into turmoil.”
  • Reuters: “As billions of dollars of investment flow into Niger from China, France, South Korea and elsewhere, Tandja could, if successful, rule over a transformation period for the desert state, which is soon due to become an oil producer.”

And in other Sahel and Horn of Africa news, check out International Crisis Group’s podcast on Boko Haram and IRIN’s report on the Somali government’s continued effort to stabilize the country.

What are you hearing in/out of Africa today?

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