An African Israel for Haitians?

Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade:

“We have to offer [Haitians] the chance to come to Africa, that is my idea. They have as much right to Africa as I have.”


“Israel was created like that,” he said of the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine following World War Two and the mass extermination of Europe’s Jews in Nazi death camps.

“You can’t tell me it’s not possible. It’s all possible if the Haitians seek it,” said Wade, who was speaking on the margins of a conference in the Senegalese capital Dakar.

Senegal is due to submit a resolution to the African Union urging the creation for Haitians of “their own state on African territory, the land of their ancestors”, according to the text of the resolution published in local newspapers.

I wonder whether this will gain traction.

What are your thoughts on the idea?

3 thoughts on “An African Israel for Haitians?

  1. I think Wade should avoid talking this way. Where he thinks a new Haiti will get land to establidh herself in Africa? Time for him to retire. Exceptional man, when he is “sober”.

  2. Let me guess, Wade’s going to use an African state’s land to build this “new Israel”, charge Haitians to move there and then collect 35% of the revenue because “it was his idea”?

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