Sunday Africa Blog Roundup: AQIM, Sudan, Gambia, CAR, and More

Tommy Miles on AQIM attacks in Niger.

Making Sense of Sudan gives us an update on the run-up to elections in Sudan.

Reuters on Gambia:

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh is either lucky or paranoid. After all, it isn’t often that a head of state lifts the veil on the second plot to overthrow him in less than five years.

Will the Central African Republic exist in fifty years? Louisa Lombard argues another arrangement might benefit the people there.

Dipnote profiles a Kenyan activist, Rebecca Lolosoli.

Lolosoli’s empathy for widows and children compelled her to speak out on behalf of victims of rape, forced marriage, female genital cutting, and homelessness. In the 1990s, she too became homeless. Determined to improve the lives of others facing similar situations, Lolosoli and 15 other women created the Umoja Uaso Women’s Organization in the Samburu District of Kenya.

Since the program’s establishment, Umoja Uaso has become a refuge for women who refused to tolerate the cattle raids, gender-based and sexual violence, lack of property rights, and more recently the impact of small arms. The program has become both a sanctuary and a training center for those seeking to promote human rights and economic empowerment, and it promotes the preservation of indigenous art and crafts.

Africa is a Country on African migrants to the EU.

Roving Bandit with an informative chart on African countries’ economic growth rates.

And via Roving Bandit, a new (to me) blog: Whirled Citizen.

What are you reading?

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