Sudan: No Election Delay


Sudan’s National Electoral Commission has said this month’s national polls will not be delayed, despite a boycott threat by a major opposition party.

The Umma party’s conditions for participating included a delay of four weeks for the creation of a new body to supervise the electoral commission.

[US Envoy Scott Gration] said he was confident the polls would start on time and be “as free and fair as possible”.

The vote will be Sudan’s first multi-party national poll since 1986.

Many parties have either already withdrawn from the elections or are threatening to withdraw.

“The electoral commission ensures that the elections will take place as envisioned, on April 11 to 13,” commission official Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah said on Saturday.

A huge storm knocked out my internet last night and I’m just catching up now, otherwise I’d have more on this. But it looks like the election will go forward, and it also looks like a lot of people will be parsing Gration’s remarks, trying to figure out what exactly he means.

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