Another Kano Update

This will be my last update for this trip, and I’ll keep it brief. I spent my third week here visiting more Islamic institutions, and then spent the weekend wrapping up, buying gifts, and saying goodbyes. I also had the chance to attend a conference at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria on “Human Rights in Islam,” where I saw some interesting debate about the position of women in Northern Nigeria.

The whole trip has been more successful than I had hoped. Now the challenge will be to translate all the experiences I’ve had here into a solid grant proposal, and to think about whether the things I’ve learned on this trip accord with what I had previously read on Kano and Nigeria.

I am quite glad to have gained a ground-level (though still very limited) understanding of Kano politics. Hopefully it will enrich my coverage of the 2011 elections and help me to better understand the news I read between now and January.

I hope to resume daily or near-daily updates toward the end of this week, so stop back by then. Hope everyone is having a great summer.

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