Saturday Links: Niger, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Somalia and More

A lot of kidnappings this month:

Seven French nationals were kidnapped in Arlit, northern Niger this week. Some are employees of Areva, a French energy firm. French authorities have evacuated their citizens from the town, and the French government suspects that AQIM is responsible for the kidnappings.

To the east, a Chinese worker who was seized in Chad about ten days ago has apparently been freed. In Sudan, meanwhile, “secessionists” defeated “unionists” in a public debate over the upcoming referendum.

Malian-Mauritanian relations appear to be improving. But kidnapping threats are affecting Mali too.

In other news, on Wednesday, thousands of al Shabab supporters in Mogadishu protested the attempted Qur’an burning in the US. In other Somalia news, IRIN looks at how the spillover of violence from Somalia affects northern Kenya.

Let’s end on a lighter note, with a story on Senegalese rapper Carlou D.

What’s popping off in your world today?


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