Senegal: Karim Wade Named Energy Minister

Since I started following Senegalese politics in 2006, I have heard people say that President Abdoulaye Wade intends to one day hand off power to his son Karim. Karim has served in several administration positions already, but on Tuesday the BBC reported that he will take over the Ministry of Energy. This appointment comes after months of protest over electricity shortages in Dakar and elsewhere, and represents an opportunity for Karim Wade “to prove his effectiveness among concerned popular classes who have never hidden their animosity towards him.” In addition, he will continue to hold several other portfolios, making him a “super government minister.”

This piece at Seneweb (French) gives a ground-level view of the electricity crisis and of the ministerial shuffle. Opposition figures are calling for greater accountability for K. Wade’s predecessor, who will remain in the government. With tensions so thick, the younger Wade is stepping up to a real challenge. How he does may determine his chances of succeeding his father.

1 thought on “Senegal: Karim Wade Named Energy Minister

  1. My names are Benedict Gibore from Kenya. I have been reading about Karim and got interested to contact him to help with educational and agricultural problems faced by my minority tribe here in Kenya. I can be reached on 0716 446 975

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