Links: Sudan Referedum, Senegalese Elections, Nigeria and Iran

Sudan: The Economist evaluates the impact of American and Chinese policy on government policy in Sudan. The BBC reports on the flight of Southern Sudanese residents in North Sudan back to their home region.

Senegal: A leader in the Parti Democratique Socialiste, Senegal’s ruling party, says President Abdoulaye Wade‘s re-election bid is illegal.

The statement by Idrissa Seck, a former prime minister, is the first challenge by a senior PDS official to Wade’s plan to stand for a third term, and could point to Seck making a direct challenge to Wade.

Senegal has long enjoyed a reputation as an island of democracy in a turbulent west African region. But critics say Wade’s rule, and his plans to extend it, have undermined this and the nation is struggling to shake off the effects of the global economic slow-down.

Somalia: Incoming Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed trims the size of the cabinet.

Nigeria: A few news items:

Guinea: Women refugees from Guinea discussed the problems they have faced in Senegal.

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