Africa News Roundup: Niger Elections, Sudan Referendum, China in Africa, and More

Niger: AFP: “An African and UN delegation has visited Niger and urged the country’s leaders to push ahead with work to return to civilian rule, with presidential elections set for January 31, a statement said Friday.”

Sudan: VOA: “Southern Sudan voters are casting ballots Saturday, the last day in the region’s week-long landmark independence referendum…Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, in Sudan to observe the voting, says the vote will likely meet international standards. Organizers say voter turnout reached the 60 percent mark needed to make the poll valid on Wednesday.”

In other Sudan news, yesterday Misseriya Arab pastoralists and Ngok Dinka farmers in Abyei signed a peace deal. But “the agreement does not address the greater question of what will happen to Abyei, which was due to hold its own referendum on its future.”

Somalia: Bloomberg: “Somalia’s agriculture is collapsing as the war-torn East African nation faces a drought that might cause the deaths of as many as 2.5 million people, Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed said.”

Senegal: Afrique en Ligne: “Rebels in Senegal’s southern Casamance province…Thursday attacked a camp of the Senegalese army in Magnora, about 80 kilometres in the north of Ziguinchor.”

Nigeria: BBC: “Nigeria’s former anti-corruption chief Nuhu Ribadu has been chosen as the opposition Action Congress candidate for April’s presidential polls.”

China in Africa: AFP: Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu is in Senegal at “the end of a five-country African tour beginning on January 7 which also took him to Mauritius, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon.”

What news are you hearing today from Africa?


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