Africa News Roundup: Nigeria Shooting, CAR Elections, Niger Elections, and More

I am closely following events in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab world, as I’m sure many of you are also. I do not think I will write about the protests, though, except when they hit countries that lie within the scope of this blog, such as Mauritania and Sudan (where it seems there may be big protests tomorrow). In case you are looking for information on the protests, Twitter remains the fastest and most comprehensive source in my view (I follow, among others, @bencnn and @abuaardvark), and Human Rights Watch has an excellent page with live updates. Al Jazeera, of course, is also giving spectacular coverage.

Here are some interesting news links from Africa:

Nigeria: In Maiduguri, another assassination – but this one linked to party politics, rather than (so far) to Boko Haram.

Central African Republic: Reuters: “Rivals to Central African Republic leader Francois Bozize pulled their representatives off the election body on Saturday, alleging fraud after early partial results from last weekend’s poll put Bozize in the lead.”

Niger: Reuters has a timeline of the events leading up to Niger’s elections, which will begin Monday.

Cote d’Ivoire: VOA: “A heads of state-level meeting of the African Union Peace and Security Council has developed a formula for settling the leadership crisis that has paralyzed Ivory Coast since the November presidential runoff election. After a late night session, AU Commission Chairman Jean Ping said a high-level panel would be named to come up with a legally-binding settlement of the dispute between incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo and opposition candidate Alassane Ouattara.”

Kenya: Daily Nation: “A member of the United Nations Security Council, Nigeria, has promised to consider favourably Kenya’s request for support in lobbying the UN Security Council to call on the ICC to defer cases on Kenya.”

Uganda: CNN: “A pastor rebuked homosexuals at the funeral of a Ugandan gay rights activist, prompting chaos as sympathizers stormed the pulpit and grabbed his microphone away. David Kato, 46, a prominent rights campaigner in the east African nation, was beaten to death with a hammer this week in his house near the the capital, Kampala.” The role of American evangelicals in Uganda’s anti-gay movement is very much worth noting.

Somalia: Reuters: “The African Union’s (AU) peacekeeping force in Somalia is ready to attack militants bent on toppling the government should it receive authorisation from the United Nations, the head of the body said on Saturday. A senior AU source said African leaders would discuss on Sunday whether to lodge a formal request with the United Nations to change the mandate to an attacking one from peacekeeping.”

What are you reading today?


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