Uganda: Museveni Wins


Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, one of Africa’s longest serving leaders, won election to a fourth term in office by a huge margin on Sunday but the opposition rejected the outcome.

Throngs of Museveni supporters sang, cheered and blared music from cars after electoral commission results handed Museveni 68 percent of the vote against challenger Kizza Besigye’s 26 percent.

However, EU election observers said the presence of the military on the streets had created an intimidating atmosphere on voting day, which, with other factors, had jeopardized the integrity of the poll.

“We have found the power of incumbency was exercised to such an extent as to compromise severely the level playing field between the competing candidates and political parties,” Edward Scicluna, head of the EU observer team, told reporters.

Now we’ll see if the opposition takes to the streets. Seems like Museveni is there to stay, though.

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