The EU Courts AU Support for Libya Operations

Uganda’s Daily Monitor reports:

The European Union will provide 265,000 euros (Shs840 million) in urgent funding to the African Union High-level ad hoc committee to Libya.


The AU mission consisting of the heads of state from Uganda, South Africa, Mali, Mauritania and Congo was delayed last weekend after a UN Security Council resolution imposed a no-fly zone over the war-torn country.

The EU and AU positions have clashed over whether the military action in Libya is warranted – the EU gave the measure early support, while the AU has flatly objected to foreign military intervention.


The AU has not yet set another date for its mission to Libya, but will be meeting with the UN, EU, Arab League and Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) in Addis Ababa tomorrow.

Cynics have explained the AU’s negative reaction to the no fly zone in Libya as motivated partly by Qadhafi’s significant and sustained financial backing of the AU. With the EU engaging the AU financially and diplomatically, it appears that European powers are looking to win some AU support for the operations in Libya – and to start shaping a new political calculus in (a post-Qadhafi?) Africa.


5 thoughts on “The EU Courts AU Support for Libya Operations

  1. Even in the current situation is money enough to change the calculations? Qaddafi has been involving himself in African politics for a long time with remarkably few serious enemies created by his actions.

  2. Gaddafi’s relationships with individual heads of state are probably also important; Museveni might be getting his back, and a lot of Libyan oil money has found its way to Mali, I hear. Don’t know anything about relations between Libya and Mauritania, though; do you?

    • That’s Kal’s area, and hopefully he’ll weigh in. I do know that Qadhafi initially did not support Abdel Aziz in Mauritania after Abdel Aziz took over in the 2008 coup, but Qadhafi became a significant supporter of Abdel Aziz afterwards. So I think the Mauritanian case supports your point.

  3. The conclusion of your post is an insult to the AU. an organisation that represents Africa. Perhaps you need to check and see how much money Gaddaffi has in the West before saying that money will decide how African leaders go about bringing an end to the situation in an African country. Have you ever been a victim in a war? If you have been then you will never support one no matter what the circumstances. Peace through dialogue is the only way forward. War will just bring malice that could erupt in the future.

    • Hi Oliver. I think you are seeing my words differently than I intended them. I have said what I think the EU is attempting to do. I have not said what I think the AU will do in response. So I don’t see the insult I am giving the AU. Nor do I see why you have read support for war into my post – in fact I basically oppose the no fly zone in Libya. You are welcome to comment here, but I think you have read a lot into this post that is not there.

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