Somalia’s Civil War and Kenya

As I said earlier I’m on the road, but I couldn’t resist throwing something else up. The Economist reported Thursday that war in southern Somalia continues to affect Kenya:

Most of the recently displaced Somalis have taken shelter in and around the Kenyan town of Mandera. Kenya says it has arrested a number of Shabab fighters in the town, including some non-Somali jihadists. Mandera’s elders are worried that the violence may be spilling over into Kenya. They express particular hostility to the reported presence of Ethiopian agents in the town. But Mandera has long been a regional hub for the sale of cattle, camels and general trade; the border with Ethiopia and Somalia is only a walk away. Safaricom, a Kenyan telecoms firm, says Mandera has the busiest mobile-phone traffic in the country.

Human Rights Watch has called on the Kenyan government to cease its practice of deporting displaced Somalis back to Somalia. The conflict in Somalia has been affecting northern Kenya for some time, but the impact on Kenya may be increasing now.

This map shows Mandera, Kenya:


One thought on “Somalia’s Civil War and Kenya

  1. It’s known who controls (or at least has the greatest power) in southern Somalia, but what about northern Somalia (excluding Somaliland and Puntland)? I find it hard to believe that the TFG could so is it mostly local rule?

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