Africa News Roundup: Uganda Protests, Nigerian Elections, AQIM Meeting, and More

Uganda’s “Walk to Work” protests have taken on greater political intensity amid repeated arrests of an opposition leader and a crackdown from government security forces. Reuters and the New York Times report.

Nigeria’s ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has won a number of seats in the gubernatorial elections this week, including the opposition stronghold of Kano, but opposition parties have won seats in state assemblies.

Remittances from Senegalese workers living abroad made up 10% of the country’s GDP last year.

Representatives of Mali, Niger, Mauritania, and Algeria met in Bamako, Mali yesterday to discuss counterterrorism efforts against Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

North and South Sudan continue to argue about who will claim the oil-rich region of Abyei.

The war of words between Ethiopia and Eritrea continues.

As diverse social groups protest in Burkina Faso, it appears that the police and the army, at least, might accept mediation after meeting with President Blaise Compaore:

Some 400 soldiers, non-commissioned officers and officers met Compaore Friday to discuss their concerns.

“I think the representatives of the different army bodies are aware that they have created unease both for the military and society which must be rectified so we can start afresh,” Compaore told journalists after the meeting.

He expressed confidence “that things will improve, will change”. He said the soldiers “were really committed to no longer succumb to the indiscipline that has characterized their behavior in recent times”.

NTV Kenya reports on the impact that increased Kenyan security measures and a Somali government offensive are having in Somalia’s border regions:


2 thoughts on “Africa News Roundup: Uganda Protests, Nigerian Elections, AQIM Meeting, and More

  1. Only talks and no action, this Bamako meeting among the top brass in Algeria, Mali, mauritania, Nigr and I don’t know who else. Why they don’t add Senegal and Burkina Faso? If AQIM is in the Wagadou forest at the Malian-Mauritanian border, why they don’t go to get them? We are always told that the US, France, UK and other EU countries are helping on this, but they let the situation worsen since 2003 or 2004. Just look at this bizarre passage in the article 9thanks Alex):

    “This meeting was held after the recent installation of a new base of AQIM in a forest in western Mali, near the Mauritanian border, raising fears that it is used as a basis for actions against Mauritania, one of the most affected countries by the Maghreb branch of Al Qaeda. According to participants, the meeting should not result in a “sub-regional plan of attack now” against AQIM. ”

    You see that intelligent people can’t believe this GWOT and te seriousness of the Tamanrasset Center? Just talk, talk and talk.

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