Reports and Releases: Niger Delta; Abyei; Nile Conflict

A few reports and publications came out recently that might interest readers:

If you read one or all of these, let us know what you think!

5 thoughts on “Reports and Releases: Niger Delta; Abyei; Nile Conflict

  1. First off, thanks for this blog. I appreciate your insight concerning security and development in Africa.

    As for this post, I would also refer readers to Satellite Sentinel Project’s recent report, “Burned to the Ground: Evidence of Potential War Crimes and the Intentional Destruction of Abyei Town by the Government of Sudan,” which can be found on their website.

    Thanks again and sannu da aiki.

  2. Thanks for the paper on the Niger Delta.

    It was an excellent report. However, I doubt that “traditional donors” have either the political will nor the financial resources to pursue any of the strategic goals outlined.

    Secondly, there is a fierce independent streak in Nigeria that opposes “being told what to do”. So there would be a reluctance to accommodate deep and overt foreign engagement. The report rightly pointed out that the quality of governance in Nigeria is very weak – and that is unlikely to change in the near term.

    Lagos State is embarking on a massive experiment in governance. Lagos is the only state to be less than 70% dependent on funding from the federation account. Our hope is that the quality of governance in Lagos State will spur improved governance in other states. In fact, the Rivers State governor said that “some governors strive to out do themselves in development”.

    I would have loved to hear how the lessons of Lagos could be applied to the Niger Delta.

  3. Well, this is somewhat old but it is very relevant to anyone who is interested in matters of regional security in the Gulf of Guinea, the Niger Delta inclusive. It is a remarkably accurate report, I have to say.

    Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria’s maritime neighbour, are in the throes of what is factually a naval build-up. The tiny,oil-rich nation have since 2005 acquired a second-hand Offshore Patrol Vessel from Ukraine and two Shaldag Mk.II fast patrol craft from Israel. In February 2011, the took delivery of two Israeli-built Sa’ar Offshore Patrol Vessels from Israel and are believed to have placed an order for a massive 2,350 ton Barrosso-class corvette to be built in Brazil. Additionally, Equatorial Guinea are believed to be interested in the acquisition of three units of decommissioned South Korean-built corvettes valued at $90m.

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