AQIM Roundup 6/25

It’s been a little bit since I’ve written on al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). Here’s a few links readers might find interesting (in reverse chronological order):

Heard anything interesting on AQIM lately?


6 thoughts on “AQIM Roundup 6/25

  1. Looks like in the attack against the AQIM camp in the Wagadou forest, Mauritanian forces seem to have lost two soldiers + 4 wounded. No one is yet sure whether the Mauritanians attacked the AQIM camp or they were ambushed by the AQIM group in the Wagadou forest. Too early to know. But it appears that the AQIM group did not attack the Malian troup.

    The big question: why the mauritanians were alone to attack or be attacked? Where are the others, knowing the AQIM build-up in the Wagadou forest for quite some time (a month or more?). This GWOT seems a joke.

  2. Warfare by proxy; the French led training of Mauri troops is starting to show results. Soon we shall know if the Malians are also up to the task.
    Worrisome reports of mines along the border for the local population and for us who like to travel in the area.
    That report on Maliweb that the Frenvh are asking Mali for maps of waterholes really is rather silly.

    • Fair enough on the water holes report – I didn’t quite know what to think, but I figured it would be worth including in the roundup.

  3. Ironically AQIM might have actually spurred closer ties between neighboring states. It’s obviously still too soon to say but I’m wondering if Al Qaeda can say it’s had a single real success.
    In Saudi Arabia its efforts were actually counterproductive.
    Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia and Libya were all the actions of angry protesters, local rivals to the government (who still want the same system with them in charge) and the West (mostly Libya and a bit in Egypt).
    In Iraq it’s had spectacular failures.
    Afghanistan and Pakistan make it heavily reliant on local groups for protection.
    The Central Asian states are all either relatively strong or were brought down by protesters and Russian pressure (Kyrgyzstan).
    There hasn’t been a single successful attack by AQ in the U.S since 2001 and despite the amount of money the U.S has lost it’s still nowhere near ruined or unable to recover given enough time. Already the country is shifting its priorities to Southeast Asia (though oil will remain important for another 20-50 years).
    In short, what can AQ actually brag about?

  4. They can brag about media attention. After all, how could a death cult (as Tom Friedman likes to call’em) be successful? Only measure of their ‘success’ is the number of victims.
    Now finally Aqim will be tested. Hopefully.

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