Africa News Roundup: Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, and More

A few notable pieces on Sudan:

  • VOA asks, “What’s Next for Sudan?”
  • The New York TimesJeffrey Gettleman reports from the Nuba Mountains, where he says the situation “seems to be sliding inexorably toward war.”
  • The BBC looks at the recently signed border demilitarization agreement between North and South Sudan.
  • The Sudan Tribune quotes President Omar al Bashir as rejecting a reported agreement to create a vice president post for Darfur.

Reuters says Nigerian unions may strike later this month if state governments do not start implementing the new minimum wage.

Two pieces on Somalia: International Crisis Group’s EJ Hogendoorn writes on Somali piracy, and the Toronto Star‘s Michelle Shephard assesses the pressures new PM Abdiweli Ali faces.

A poll from Kenya indicates an anti-incumbent mood there.

Jeune Afrique (Fr) profiles the president of Burkina Faso’s Independent National Electoral Commission, saying he is “alone against all,” and looks ahead to the legislative and municipal elections of 2012.

I leave you with this video from Al Jazeera English on the AU summit and the “shadow” of Col. Qadhafi.

4 thoughts on “Africa News Roundup: Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, and More

  1. Mugabe, Museveni, Obiang, Jammeh. My niece saw their ugly faces and started crying. I hope she doesn’t grow up to experience their even uglier rule.

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