Nigeria: President Jonathan Proposes One, Six-Year Term


Nigeria’s leader Goodluck Jonathan has said he will ask MPs to amend the constitution so that future presidents serve a single, longer term in office.

The constitution currently limits presidents to two four-year terms.

There has been speculation in Nigerian newspapers that the proposed amendment would enable President Jonathan to extend his term in office.

But the president, who is at the start of a four-year term, said it would not come into effect before he steps down.

Most Nigerian newspapers are saying the longer term would be for six years.

Objections to the proposal have already come from the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), which are two of the country’s largest opposition parties. I have heard some comparisons of this proposal and former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s bid for a third term (he served, in addition to a stint as military ruler in the late 1970s, as civilian president from 1999-2007); the latter proposal went down in defeat and even though the thrust of Jonathan’s proposal is different, the majority view from what I can tell is that it will fail as well. I am very interested to know what commenters are hearing, though.

What do you think? Do you agree with the proposal?


3 thoughts on “Nigeria: President Jonathan Proposes One, Six-Year Term

  1. From an American perspective there’s something to be said for the continuity of a two term president, but considering how much gets spent on elections here and how much of the first term is spent worrying about getting the second it has been suggested before. It might be worthwhile though I doubt it could be easily put into action in Nigeria.

  2. He is simply testing the waters. He wants a six year single term instead of two terms which will be more difficult to sell.

    Many Nigerian leaders play this game. From Gowon who kept dodging the question of handover to civilians to Babangida who kept on shifting the goalposts for civilian transition to Abacha who attempted to transform himself into a civilian dictator to Obasanjo who campaigned for a third term.

    Eba dey sweet!!

  3. ita all the same the quest for power by african leaders always push them to a ponit of no return, wise ones should see from Mubarak,Gahdafi and others, if Jonathan wants he should continue, with this pranks instead of focusing on his campaign promises
    jande jacob from Benue

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