Roundup: Commentary on the Famine in Somalia

A lot of articles on Somalia’s famine have been accumulating in my Somalia file, and today seems like a good today to put them into roundup form. Here goes:

Feel free to post relevant links in the comments. What is your understanding of causes of the famine? What do you think could help the situation?

5 thoughts on “Roundup: Commentary on the Famine in Somalia

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  2. I’m a bit worried that the focus of the news on Somalia might lead donations to be focused largely there to the detriment of the rest of the Horn of Africa. That isn’t to say that the Somali need is not rather obvious, but conversations I have had with well meaning middle-class citizens suggests that they are largely motivated by the most famous crisis.
    On the protection of aid I wonder where they expect the soldiers to come from. Presumably it would be the U.N but I have my doubts as to whether the U.S will be willing to fund it at the moment, whether any other nation would take up the financial slack and whether any nation would be willing to increase the number of soldiers there.
    Lastly I find Somaliland interesting. Are they storing up political capital for later?

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