Nigeria: Fresh Violence in Plateau State


Nigerian officials said attackers on Monday stabbed eight people to death in a central region beset by religious and ethnic tensions, while police in the restive northeast said members of a Muslim sect attempted to drive a car loaded with explosives into a busy police station.


Captain Charles Ekeocha said the stabbings happened Sunday night in the volatile city of Jos. He said soldiers dispersed rioters who gathered in a predominantly Christian neighborhood Monday morning to protest the killings.

Sporadic violence recently resumed after months of relative calm in Jos and surrounding areas, which are heavily policed. A clash there left five dead in July after a Muslim locksmith was found dead in a Christian neighborhood.

Boko Haram is not the only security challenge Nigeria faces. The cumulative effects of micro-level violence in places like Jos add to up to a major problem for state and federal authorities.

For more on the violence in Jos, see the Africa Center for Strategic Studies’ recent report, “Nigeria’s Pernicious Drivers of Ethno-Religious Violence.”


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