Taking the Weekend Off

This is my last weekend in DC. Yesterday I finished up my summer internship/contract at Eurasia Group, and tomorrow I head out to visit my family for two weeks, then on to Nigeria in early September.

Readers may also want to check out Andrew Lebovich’s response to my response to the recent New York Times piece on Nigeria’s Boko Haram movement.

Andrew and I agree on more than we disagree, and I don’t have a further response planned. But definitely let us know in the comments what you think of the interchange.

Regular posting to resume Monday.

1 thought on “Taking the Weekend Off

  1. Enjoy your well deserved weekend, Alex. This AQIM-Boko Haram link is very intresting. For the time being, I don’t really believe in it. Like the link between FARC and AQIM that died too.

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