Update on Somalia and Turkey

Earlier this week, I wrote that al Shabab risked a backlash among Somalis by bombing a building in Mogadishu, Somalia where students were gathered to hear the results of a scholarship contest for study in Turkey. As commenter James Gundun pointed out, al Shabab also risked angering Turkey and its popular leader Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who visited Somalia in August.

Indeed, Turkey has moved swiftly to transport victims of the blast to Turkey, where they will receive care. Reuters (at link) attributes Turkey’s involvement in Somalia to the Turkish government’s desire for a stronger relationship with Africa, but I would argue that there is also an element of Muslim solidarity. Finally, politics aside, Turkey is doing a noble thing here by helping people who are hurt.

6 thoughts on “Update on Somalia and Turkey

  1. I wonder if it’s Muslim solidarity on Erdogan’s part or a willingness to take advantage of something to increase Turkey’s popularity. Of course that’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s intelligent politics and the U.S would do the same thing if it could.

  2. Probably both, like the Palestinians’ cause. Turkey won’t respond militarily but perhaps Erdogan decides to increase funding to the TFG. al-Shabaab will be playing with fire if it decides on a coordinated attack against Turkish programs.

  3. Al Shabab has previously alienated Somali opinion by bombing medical students and the desecration of Sufi shrines, the TNG’s inability to take advantage of the previous outrages makes me pessimistic.

  4. Erdogan is a blessing from Allah(SWT) to the people of Turkey. This has nothing to do with Turkey’s desire to be global power. Erdogan is very sincere so is his party, The Justice and Development Party. Turkey has been a semi-democratic nation as the socialist-fascists run the country mostly by force since the establishment of Turkey in 1923 after the end of the Ottoman Empire. Since the 60s a few of the Islamically conccious parties wanted to come into the power through election, they were banned or removed from the party. Anyway, Erdogan is a humble man who is Allah-fearing so is the President Abdullah Gul, both are the two of the founding members of AK PArty and both are very righetous muslims. They want to build a world where muslims nations can rise once again, united without borders and do good in the world. That is the true intention of Erdogan and many Turks. Turks have established many great long lasting Muslims empires and never bowed down before the western nations. On the contrary, the western nations still have grudge for Turks, one of the reasons why Turkey still not in EU when so many other nations in EU are falling apart, because Turks dominated over Europeans for almost 500 years. Peace from the USA

  5. Palestinian issue has always been a domestic issue for millions of Turks but again, the socialist-fascists, among whom there were many high ranking military officers who presided over the rule of the law quietly, among many came from Balkanic convert Jewish families, and most media outlets, educational insitutitons, financial organizations have been under the control of people with same political philopshy: have the control of the nation but be very friendly to Zionists and Israel. Israel has been the closests ally of Turkey until a few years ago. But when you asked people, they all supported Palestinians. As AK has been in power for almost 10 yrs but only really established its power for the last a few years because of the fear that still the media and the military would get together and remove them from the power. Recently, there has been great shake in the military, many of whom were arrested for planning to overthrown the government, they are weaken. Now, with the great support of public, Erdogan and his party can be critical of Israel and its ill-treatment of Palestinians. It’s mainly the public that encourages AK Party, people’s party which take public surveys on regular bases and act on them, to be tough against Israel. So it is not a propaganda. Even if one assumes it plays a role, that is because Turkey also does not want fanatic Iranian regime pull Palestine on their side. Because of the collaboration between Turkey and Palestine, Hamas became more peaceful organization. Because Erdogan promised them indirectly not to be violent in order to gain support for their cause and Turkey would defend them in the international arena. Neither Iran nor Egypt are happy about it as they want to be the dominant nation in the region but neither can offer real solutions. Turkey has improved greatly on the path of democracy since AK took the power, as economy is growing and the nation has one of the highest economic growth in the world in the last 10 years, Turkey wants to do more for the muslims nations. Turkey does not have the desire of establishing a muslim empire ruled by Turks again but rather wants something similar to EU or the USA where muslims can form a union and muslims once more become the dominant power over all in the world. They want to rebuilt the silk road but this time from Africa to Asia. Let’s not forget, there are about 6 Turkish republics in Central Asia after the collapse of Soviet Union and they are exteremely rich in natural resources mainly gas and oil. Add to it the Middle East and the Africa with rich raw material and resources, it’s inevitable that muslims can rise again and form brotherhood and live in peace and harmony as prescribed in Islam. This is the message and the motto AK Party and Erdogan has for muslims. Turks have formed many great empires, they are capable of providing the leadership for the underdevloped muslims nations. Peace!

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