A Corruption Probe in Senegal

Senegal’s new President Macky Sall took office in April. Part of his platform involves fighting corruption, and police have begun to question high-ranking officials from the administration of Sall’s predecessor President Abdoulaye Wade.

Police have so far questioned former ministers Farba Senghor and Samuel Sarr, who each held a variety of positions in Mr. Wade’s cabinet. They have also questioned Pape Diop, the current president of Senegal’s Senate.

Local media reported that police have also requested to question Karim Wade, son of the former president, who also served in various ministerial roles.

One source (French) reports that everyone who held a high post under Wade will face questioning, and another (French) lists the names of people who are expected to undergo questioning this week.

For his part, Sall (French) has distanced himself somewhat from the process, saying, “Ce n’est pas moi qui désigne ceux qui doivent aller répondre aux interpellations” [“It’s not me who names those who must respond to questioning.”] Sall further says that those who have done no wrong have nothing to fear. The administration and the press are stressing that the investigations are still in their early stages.

At least one member of Wade’s circle has reacted to the investigations with threats. Ousmane Ngom, a former presidential adviser and cabinet minister, has reportedly told his supporters to occupy government buildings if arrests occur (French). Ngom and others are also pointing a finger at Sall, saying that the President, who also served at one time under Wade, should be held to account as well.


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