Somalia’s New Cabinet

As reader Ahmed noted over the weekend, Somalia’s Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon (bio here) has appointed a new cabinet. From Bloomberg:

Parliament is expected to decide on the nominations before Nov. 17, Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari, the speaker of parliament, said at the ceremony.
The following are the names of the ministers proposed by Shirdon:
Deputy Prime Minister/Foreign Minister – Fozia Yusuf Haji Aden
Defense Minister – Abdihakim Mohamed Haji Fiqi
Finance/Planning Minister – Mohamed Hassan Suleyman
Industry & Trade Minister – Mohamed Ahmed Hassan
Information Minister – Abdullahi Ilmoge Hersi
Interior & Security Minister – Abdikarin Hussein Guuled
Justice Minister – Abdullahi Abyan Nur
Natural Resources Minister – Abdirizak Omar Mohamed
Reconstruction Minister – Muhiyadin Mohamed Kaalmoy
Social Development Minister – Maryan Qasim

Internationally and domestically, reactions to the news so far seem largely positive. The European Union has praised the selections, and people in Mogadishu rallied in support. Several features of the cabinet have drawn special attention, including the nomination of the country’s first female Foreign Minister, the cabinet’s mix of old and new faces, and the lineup’s break with the “4.5” system of clan representation (read a description of 4.5 here). The very “leanness” the cabinet has also drawn attention.

Finally, readers may be interested to see some writing by the other woman nominated to the cabinet: check out the Guardian‘s page for pieces by Social Development Minister Maryan Qasim,


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