Items from Chad: N’djamena Mayor Arrested, Public Sector Workers’ Strike Continues

Two important stories from Chad:

  • The mayor of Chad’s capital N’djamena, Djimet Ibet, took office some four months ago. You can read a bio of him here (French). Ibet was arrested yesterday on corruption and forgery charges and suspended from his position. He was later allowed to return home (French). The corruption charges apparently concern a contract (French) the mayor made with a Turkish firm; the mayor reportedly misrepresented the nature of the contract and failed to disclose the 20% renumeration he stood to receive from the sale. He has been under fire from opponents on the municipal council (French) since the end of October.
  • RFI (French): “The seventh week of the strike by public sector workers begins this Monday in Chad. Since July, they have left work regularly to compel the government to implement an agreement concerning salary increases.” See here for more.

Any other news out of Chad this week?


6 thoughts on “Items from Chad: N’djamena Mayor Arrested, Public Sector Workers’ Strike Continues

  1. Indeed! Linked to other threads, there was the confusion about the participation (or not) of Chad in any military action in northern Mali.
    AU’s Konate’s comments that he had secured Chad’s support was denied the next day by the Presidency’s spokesperson – a complex game stands ahead for N’Djamena, mixing Nigeria’s troubled north and France’s cautious courting.

  2. I am a Chadian and I know that Mr President wants to send troops in Mali. They’re just playing with words to make believe they’re not. One thing is clear: President Deby wants an international stature

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