Africa News Roundup: Kenyan Elections, Bamako Mutiny, Niger’s Tuaregs, and More

Human Rights Watch: “High Stakes: Political Violence and the 2013 Elections in Kenya.”


Malian government soldiers fought mutinous paratroops in the capital Bamako on Friday in a clash that threatened to undermine a French-led offensive against Islamist rebels which has moved up close to the Algerian border.

In the southern capital, local residents fled in panic as heavy gunfire echoed from the Djikoroni-Para paratrooper base on the Niger River and army units with armoured vehicles surrounded the camp. At least one person was killed, state media reported.

Smoke rose from the base, where mutinous members of the ‘red beret’ paratroop unit loyal to deposed Malian President Amadou Toumani Toure, who was toppled in a coup last year, started firing with their weapons to protest attempts to redeploy them.

After several hours of firing, calm returned at the camp.

French troops took the airport at Tessalit, northern Mali yesterday, and a suicide bomber attacked a military checkpoint outside Gao.

RFI: “Mauritania’s Oil Minister Discusses Mali Conflict Fallout.”

Magharebia: “In Amenas Attack Magnifies Belmokhtar, AQIM Rift.”

An open letter (French) from a Nigerien Tuareg to President Mahamadou Issoufou:

Since the beginning of the conflict in northern Mali, Tuareg groups in Niger have stood out by their silence – this, in order to give a chance at Peace, and to save our country Niger, over which hangs the specter of an armed uprising which would feed into that of Mali, compromising all the efforts already agreed to by your government and ex-rebels. And this despite the inertia of authorities from the 5th, 6th, and 7th Republic who have not found ANY SOLUTION to the armed rebellion that ended in 2009, and so to the 4,000 ex-combatants still awaiting reintegration!

Magdi el Gizouli on the Sudanese preacher/activist Yusif al Koda and his interactions with Sudanese rebel movements.

Reuters: “Gunmen Kill Nine Polio Health Workers in [Kano,] Nigeria.”


4 thoughts on “Africa News Roundup: Kenyan Elections, Bamako Mutiny, Niger’s Tuaregs, and More

    Sudan Liberation Movement of Minni Minnawi in a similar statement alleged that Sudanese and Libyan government are collaborating together in the operation and work to redeploy Ansar Al-Dine on the common border. Khartoum and Tripoli agreed recently to form a joint force to monitor the border to prevent the smuggling of weapons and illegal immigration.

  2. HI Alex, What do you think about these reports coming in about Ansar Dine militants entering Darfur? When I first saw these reports come up in the ST I thought it was pretty far-fetched. I don’t think Khartoum would stick its neck out at a time like this to provide refuge to Ansar Dine.
    Now that I am seeing it in a more main stream source, I am wondering what is really going on over there? Did Ansar Dine really need to go to Darfur to find some refuge? Would they have gone there if they were not invited? Etc…What is your take?

  3. From my folder file – perhaps or perhaps not? will shed some light:

    May 26, 2012 – As for Algeria, we must not be dragged to reprisals for its bad position b/c Algeria is still able to spread instability in Libya which its borders are (semi-full) controlled and Bouteflika gang are able to do so; for Chad and Niger we must lock the borders with them with the assistance of the Sudan using the Sudanese army in our borders and this is possible and easy, even if we have an army because Chad and Niger can not compromise Sudan for reasons we don’t have time to talk about; Egypt should partially end relations (Egypt unable to spread instability in Libya) with it until they realize our demands of Libya and stop the arm-twisting with the former-regime men in its territory, b/c we can apply policies that will make Egypt drop its actions, for example, cut ties and lock the border and return more than 1 million Egyptian workers and put pressure by the Egyptian tribes from Libyan origin that are dependent on Libya in everything. Tunisia is a full political unity with Libya.

    May 30, 2012 – Sudan Defense Minister Abdel Rahim Hussein met with Libyan General Sagger Adah Hamad Jeroshi in Khartoum to discuss joint military cooperation. Combined efforts 2 countries ensure security of the border b/w them — January 2010 Sudan and Chad established joint force monitor their borders — what happens now to Chad with the forced deportations of Tabu people from southeastern Libya?

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