Africa Blog Roundup: Qadhafi and the Sahel, Sankara, Mali, and More

Lesley Anne Warner summarizes General Carter Ham’s testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee: parts one and two.

Alex de Waal: “African Roles in the Libyan Conflict of 2011.”

Louisa Lombard: “Post-Gaddafi Repercussions in the Sahel.”

Haba Na Haba: “Report on Mutharika’s Death.”

Internally Displaced: “Workshops, the Plague of Juba.”

Alemu Tafesse: “The Ethiopian Muslim Civil Rights Movement.”

Africa Is A Country: “Who Killed Thomas Sankara?”

Africa in DC on an event about northern Mali.

What are you reading today?

3 thoughts on “Africa Blog Roundup: Qadhafi and the Sahel, Sankara, Mali, and More

  1. One of the stranger things I’ve read about Congo recently, warlord Bosco Ntaganda (the same one who started a good deal of trouble in Congo recently) has apparently gone to the U.S. embassy in Kigali (Rwanda) and requested to be sent to the ICC. I honestly have no idea what the man was thinking. Was it the result of a major power deal with Rwanda? Was he hopeful of being found not guilty as some other figures were?

    • Bosco has lost control of M23. If you remember, they started fighting each other a few weeks ago and apparently the faction under Mr. Terminator got spanked. I think faced with the choice of being slaughtered by angry rebels whose savagery is well known or possibly spending a long time in an air-conditioned cell in the Hague, he chose life.
      I’m sure Kigali bluntly explained the situation and made it clear that they could no longer support M23 because all eyes are now on them.

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