Article on Salafis and Boko Haram in Nigeria

This month, the journal Islamic Africa published a special issue on Salafism in Africa. The issue includes an introductory essay by the University of Florida’s Dr. Terje Østebø, as well as articles on Tanzania, Ghana, Niger, Somalia, and Sudan. I contributed an article on Nigeria entitled “Nigeria’s Mainstream Salafis between Boko Haram and the State.” In brief, the article argues that the rise of Boko Haram on the one hand, and state suspicions of Salafis on the other hand, have made life awkward for those Salafis who oppose Boko Haram. The article deals primarily with life under President Goodluck Jonathan (served 2010-2015); at some point I may post an update here or elsewhere giving a few thoughts on how non-jihadi Salafis are faring under new President Muhammadu Buhari, but it’s early yet.

Islamic Africa is normally paywalled, but the publisher, Brill, is offering free access to those who register. Details are here.

If you read the article, please stop back by here and share your thoughts.


5 thoughts on “Article on Salafis and Boko Haram in Nigeria

  1. Really excellent information about being able to register with Brill, and I’m looking forward to reading your article! However, after I completed the registration, and tried to enter the token, it keeps telling me that the token is not valid. Perhaps I got something out of order in the registration process. If you wouldn’t mind emailing me the article, I’d be most grateful.

  2. Speaking of journals, if you don’t mind I have a question. I recently managed to get affiliated with a library and their ejournal subscription. Most of it’s medical, not poli sci or history but there is some material for Africa there. Are there any titles you recommend as usually being reliable?

    • African Affairs and African Studies Review are both excellent. Journal of Religion in Africa is very strong, and there’s a journal just called Africa. Another good one is the Journal of Modern African Studies.

      On Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 12:51 AM, Sahel Blog wrote:


      • Thanks. Sadly they only have Africa and Religion in Africa (and with a 36 month embargo at that!) but it’s better than wading through all the various ones in hopes they’re aren’t puff piece journals. Africa Review, Africa Today, Diplomat East Africa? Their articles might get cited or they might have published for a while, but that doesn’t necessarily tell me if they’re good.

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