Mali Roundup – 3 August 2022

Find last week’s roundup here.

Yesterday I wrote a post sketching some grim scenarios for Bamako – either harassed by or even under the control of jihadists. The post sparked some good conversations on Twitter, including Nat Powell and Michael Shurkin disagreeing with me that France would mount a major intervention if jihadists took Bamako, and Michael Kevane making an interesting comparison between Mali and Darfur.

The U.S. evacuates non-emergency staff and families – not a good sign.

Killings of civilians continue in Ménaka (French).

Apply the Algiers Accord and organize elections, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune tells (French) the Malian junta. Meanwhile, a “decisional” meeting (French) on implementation.

A fresh war of words between the junta and French President Emmanuel Macron.

More pressure (French) for transitional Prime Minister Choguel Maïga to resign, a topic we’ve covered here before.

Former Prime Minister Moussa Mara considers (French) – and rejects – the idea of arming civilians, instead favoring a greater effort to professionalize the conventional forces and enhance their capabilities.


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