Sunday Africa Blog Roundup: Perspectives on Sudan (and Somalia, Denmark, and the Niger Delta)

The fifth anniversary of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in Sudan fell yesterday, prompting a wave of blogging:

  • US Special Envoy to Sudan Scott Gration: “The parties in Sudan now have a choice: to intensify efforts to work together to achieve peace, or to face the prospect of increased violence and renewed war.”
  • Alex de Waal, of the newly-renamed Making Sense of Sudan: “Without doubt, the coming twelve months will be the most momentous in Sudan’s history.”
  • Rob Crilly, author of Saving Darfur: Everyone’s favourite African War (forthcoming): “Save Sudan Not Darfur”
  • Andrew Heavens, Reuters: “Here goes — five reasons why Africa’s largest country might just manage to reach January 2011 without a return to catastrophe and bloody civil war, despite the worst predictions of most pundits.”

In other news, Joshua Keating has some questions about a Somali man’s attempt on the life of Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard.

Olumide Abimbola has some questions about a proposal to disburse oil profits in the Niger Delta.

Texas in Africa discusses academic blogging.

Feel free to post any links in the comments.