Boko Haram’s Abuja Bombing

This morning, a suicide bomber from Boko Haram attacked the UN building in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.

This is a sad day for Nigeria, and my thoughts go out to those who are injured, and to the families of those who died.

There has already been some discussion of the bombing in the comments section of the previous post. Feel free to continue the discussion there or here.

5 thoughts on “Boko Haram’s Abuja Bombing

  1. Good morning to you all, concerning the boko haram what I have to say is that whoever or whatever might be the cause of this is EVIL, the devil is strongly behind it and everyone involved should be very careful because when the children of God will pray to Him, He will rise to our defence and flush off every evil perpetrator without given then a chance for repentance.

  2. I am seeing email posts with captions such as “is this union still worth it” and I am increasingly seeing suggestions that the “North can leave Nigeria if it so wishes, so we can live in peace”.

    More intelligent, well-established people are beginning to think like this (more than you imagine).

    More news on Boko Haram.

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  4. I believe we Nigerians should seriously begin to pray to God for deliverance. These bombings wont go away. There are too many mysteries in these cases. And I doubt that they will ever be solved. Too many interests too. Boko Harram is just a front. We can’t even identify the people behind the scenes pulling the strings. This stuff is damn too complicated. With the corruption in Nigeria, I doubt that proper measures will be taken to end the series of bombings.
    Nigerians answer the call and pray to the only God that delivers!

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