Updates on Boko Haram Dialogue and Niger Coup Attempt

Two quick items:

  • On Monday, I wrote about a recent announcement by Nigeria’s Federal Government that seemed to say a government committee would be pursuing dialogue, even negotiations, with the rebel movement Boko Haram. Then on Tuesday, at the first meeting of the committee, Secretary to the Government of the Federation Anyim Pius Anyim more specifically delineated the committee’s role. Anyim said, “I want to clarify that the purpose of this committee…is to provide a forum whereby every persons who have suggestions, opinion, information on the way forward without restriction of access to the committee. The committee would sensitise the information and advise us. So, please let me emphasise, this is not a negotiating team, it is a fact-finding team.” The committee’s initial task is to draft a report with recommendations on addressing the group’s grievances and initiating a peace process. The committee will submit the report to the government by August 16.
  • I wrote last week about the recent coup attempt in Niger and its possible connection to civilian President Mahamadou Issoufou’s program to investigate corruption in the former military junta. Via Tommy Miles, an update (French): in a televised speech on August 3 (Niger’s independence day), Issoufou spoke about the coup, confirmed the arrests of ten soldiers, and “made the link between this affair and the policy of fighting corruption.” The arrested soldiers include a high-ranking officer from the junta and a lieutenant in the presidential guard.
  • And finally, a technical question: How does the blog look to you? Specifically, are you seeing the archives and categories tabs on the right side where they should be, or are they appearing at the bottom of the page? I’ve been seeing the sidebar material at the bottom of the screen for a few days now, and changing the theme/appearance of the blog doesn’t seem to have resolved the issue. So advice from any WordPress gurus out there would be much appreciated.

Happy Friday! I plan to be back with some links tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Updates on Boko Haram Dialogue and Niger Coup Attempt

  1. On my own laptop the main page is a bit distorted (though still readable) and when I click on a link it gets back to normal. On the library computer I’m currently using it’s fine.

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