Recent Writings on Nigeria

I’ve written two pieces on Nigeria recently, addressing very different topics. One, at The Maydan, looks at Shi’ism and anti-Shi’ism in Nigeria. The other, at World Politics Review, looks at the politics surrounding the question of President Muhammadu Buhari’s health. If you read either or both, I welcome your comments below.


One thought on “Recent Writings on Nigeria

  1. The piece on Shiism is a sterling article that covers detailed and new-found knowledge on this subject. Good Job, Alex. In a future article, you can try to discuss other dimensions of this subject like the IMN affiliation with the minority Christians in Southern Kaduna see The Salafi demonization of Sufism and Shiism have also created a mid-level union between IMN and Sufi leaders in Zaria. While I was studying at ABU Zaria, Zakzaky and Sufi leaders in Zaria jointly organize programs together like the Maulud Nabi and some Sufi followers also join IMN in Ashura procession.

    It is also surprising that the tension between IMN and the Nigerian State has created a new ally for the IMN. The members of IPOB agitating for secession and the creation of a Biafra state have also declared their support for IMN. Some of their leading members have stated that the members of IMN are the only legitimate Muslims that will be accommodated in the Biafran state once it is established. Opposition politicians in the PDP have also declared support for Zakzaky. They often cite his illegal detention as evidence that Nigeria is back in the era of dictatorship.

    One begins to wonder why the leaders of NSCIA are reticent to the plight of Zakzaky. As you rightly mentioned in your article, the Salafi leaders reiterate their criticisms in this current conflict. I guess most of them will wish for Zakzaky to die in detention like Muhammad Yusuf. Should Zakzaky eventually dies in custody and with the death of his deputy, Muhammad Turi and proscription of IMN, Salafi doctrinal hegemony will be handed a safe pass which itself signifies a threat to religious pluralism in Nigeria. It is important for the state to function without privileging one sectarian understanding of Islam over another If we truly desire an egalitarian society. All voices that conduct themselves peacefully must be represented in the religious public sphere and incendiary lectures and vitriolic verbal attack against the followers of other religions or Islamic sects should be penalized.

    Your second article is not accessible without a subscription. Ina fata kana lafiya

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