Sunday Africa Blog Roundup: Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Chad, and More

Alex de Waal writes on confusion in Sudan: “Finding the truth is always hard in the Sudanese political scene. At the moment it is simply impossible.” And Opheera McDoom offers a “Journalist’s Guide to Covering Sudanese Politics.”

In Somaliland, a “homemade helicopter” (h/t Texas in Africa).

A Nigerian insider argues for a complete and decisive transfer of power from President Yar’Adua to Acting President Jonathan. In other Nigeria coverage, Loomnie talks oil and transparency.

UN Dispatch fills us in on events in Guinea-Bissau, and argues that Chad needs the UN.

The China in Africa blog is back. And speaking of Africa’s ties with other lands, the Azanian Sea points us to a documentary on the African diaspora in Iran.

Finally, the US State Department tells citizens how to avoid international scams.

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